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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get more information or help? 

For all information and assistance, you can receive support from the IPC certification team by using the Help Desk as the email method has been phased out. The help desk can also be accessed through the Certification Portal by selecting the tab labeled Help Center Portal. *Note* you must create a login for the Help Desk in order for your inquiry to reach us successfully.

  • What is the link to the new portal?

HTTPs://certification.ipcedge.org Then when they are ready to open/close the exams and for the students to access and take the E-P&P and other exams, they can click on, "Take an Online Exam" from the webpage above or go directly to https://my.ipcedge.org.

  • How much are the online exams?

Exams are paid for in advance. Each order will be associated with an invoice number. That invoice number will automatically appear in the invoice drop-down when scheduling the class or on the Invoice Remaining tab.  The invoices can only be accessed using the FIFO (First in First out) method and will alert you if the wrong invoice is selected.

On Line Certification Exams: The combination of the new IPC Policy and Essentials modules and the online exam to all modules for a specific certification program will have a fee of $65/Person. The IPC nonmember fee will be $85/Person. All mandatory and optional modules are included and can be taken anytime within the 2-year certification cycle. As part of this program students will be entitled to one free exam retake if they fail on the first try.  

On Line Print Exams: The Online print exam will have a fee of $80/Person. The IPC nonmember fee will be $100/person. As part of this program as well, students will be entitled to one free exam retake. All optional modules are included and can be taken anytime within the 2-year certification cycle. 

New Policy: CQI Invoice Expiration 

In section 9 of the
Certification Policies and Procedures,  invoices will now expire one year from date of purchase. This policy went into effect as of January 1, 2017. Any invoice purchased on or after this date will expire one year from the purchase date. There will be no refund if funds are not used by the expiration date. 

All account holders will be notified prior to the expiration date. 

Please note, if you have a class scheduled against an invoice that is due to expire, it must be submitted, prior to the invoice expiration date.

  •      You can also purchase Certification Exam Credits through the IPC Online Store.

Please Note: You must be an IPC MIT/CIT or an approved buyer with rights from you company to purchase the online certification exam credits. All buyers will have to pre-register with IPC in order to purchase online certification exam credits.

  1. Any MIT/CIT can place an order. If someone other than a trainer is responsible for the placing orders (Buyer) for your site, IPC needs to update their record with the appropriate role so that they can make the purchase. This request can be made through the  certification help desk.
  2. Orders are address specific. The exams will only be available for the site that the purchaser is located at. Distributors and anyone purchasing for an address other than their own, need to purchase through our customer service department.
  3. IPC members can order with a PO or pay immediately using a credit card. Non-members can only place an order using a credit card
  4. Once an order is place, it will take up to 24 business hours for the funds to be available in the portal for use.
  • How to Order for online store
  1. You must sign in to the IPC online store (shop.ipc.org)
  2. Select the Training tab
  3. Select Training Resources then select Certification Exams
  4. There is one product to choose from, purchase in $1 increments. Select the product you wish to purchase and enter the quantity desired.
  5. Finalize your order and pay for order

How do I calculate how much funds I need for exam credits?

CQI-ONLINE-EXAM-FUNDS: For IPC Standards Online Exam Funds

– For example, doing an Online Exam at the member rate, multiply the number of students who need to take the exam by $65. (e.g. 10 X $65 = $650)

Training materials can be purchased from Orderipc@ipc.org or by calling IPC Customer Service at  +1-847-597-2862.

  •  How do I designate a purchasing person as a representative of a CIT to make the purchase of online exam credits?   

Any MIT/CIT can place an order. If someone other than a trainer is responsible for the placing orders (Buyer) for your site, IPC needs to update their record with the appropriate role so that they can make the purchase. This request can be made through the  certification help desk. Please include the Purchasing representative's: First Name, Last Name, Email address, Company, Phone number. The team at IPC will update the CIT's record to allow the designated person to make the online exam credits on behalf of the CIT.

  • For the Billing Category, which option do I choose?

Effective January 2017 the pricing structure was changed, and we added an additional field titled Billing Category. The billing category has two options--Initial and Retest. The Initial category is the default and should be used for the first attempt of taking a test. If a student fails the first test and the free retest, a new class must be scheduled. When setting up this new class the Retest category should be selected from the billing category.

As a reminder, additional regional requirements may apply. There are separate and unique requirements for any IPC Licensed Training Center or CIT that desires to conduct training in The People's Republic of China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Contact the IPC certification Program Office in those areas for specific requirements before scheduling or conduction training in either of these countries.

  • Will new combined Essentials P&P course be a one-time only course? or will students need to complete it for every certification they hold (610, J-STD, 7711/7721)?

The IPC Essentials will be combined with the policy and Procedures module for all Certification Programs.

The student will need to view the Essentials content one time. After that he/she will have the option to indicate that he/she would like to skip viewing the Essentials content and essentially test out of the requirement.

Just as a review of the policy and Procedures is required on each certificate program now, it will continue to be required for all certifications.

The module exam for the enhanced P&P module will contain questions about the Policies and about Essentials.

  • How will students be informed of a requirement to do essentials/policy and procedures online prior to taking a training class?

 When a student is enrolled in a class he/she will receive an email with login information for the  testing site. The instructor will let them know what is needed. 

a. How will we know they took and passed the course?

 The instructor will have a, "Dashboard" of the courses assigned to the students in the class. The dashboard will indicate what sections the student has completed and what is still to be attempted.

b. Will trainers no longer have to cover policy and procedures?

 After the Enhanced P&P module has been activated, the instructors will no longer present the Policy and Procedures module in the live class. This should free up over an hour or more of time for the instructor to concentrate on the content of the standard.

  • How will this effect mod 1 test questions pertaining to policy and procedures?

 The questions about the IPC Policy and Procedures will be removed from the module exam and will be replaced with questions about the content of the standard.

  • When was the EDGE 2.0 released?

August 27, 2018 

 What is the grandfather rule for people that are already certified?

No grandfather clause is necessary. The IPC Enhanced P&P is becoming part of the certification program All CITs will complete the training with his/her next certification or recertification. There is no additional deadline for the online module, it is simply a required module for any certification.

  • Will the students be required to complete the online Enhanced P&P before class, on breaks or evenings during the class or even after the live class has been presented? 

The answer is that the student can complete the online Enhanced P&P before class, on breaks or evenings during the class or even after the live class has been presented.

In the new programming for the testing system, the student's certificate will be generated when all of the requirements for the class have been completed.

The instructors will no longer print and sign the certificates. The CIS will have his/her own log in and, when all assigned modules have been completed, will have the ability to print the certificate for himself or herself.

  • Will this be a module on the certificate?   

No. This will be part of the required module that must be completed before the certificate can be issued by the certification portal. It will not be designated separately from the mandatory module.

  • Will new CDs with updated slides be sent out to cover this?

No, there will be no new CDs or content for instructors. The module is completely online and is going to be delivered through the IPC EDGE 2.0 platform.

  • How will this free-up classroom time if you are adding requirements?

The Policies and Procedures content that you usually complete in the classroom is going away. You will no longer cover the content in the classroom. That frees between 30 minutes and 2 or more in each certification class.

  • How will I get the vouchers for the IPC Essentials for the mandatory modules? 

The IPC Essentials will no longer be a separate program that would be purchased as a stand-alone module. The Enhanced P&P (E-P&P) is a required module that is being added as a co-requisite to all certification programs. There will be no separate fee for the IPC Essentials program. When a student is registered for any certification course, that student will be granted access to complete the E-P&P and related exam on his or her own time (or company time) outside of the live presentation of the content for the particular IPC Certification course.

  • I've already taken the IPC Essentials, do I have to take it again?  

No, If the individual is of the opinion that he/she knows enough about both subjects (or perhaps has recently taken another certification course and remembers the content from that viewing) then the exam can be taken without viewing either presentation.

In short, the E-P&P is intended to be an independent study by the certification candidates before the live class presentation.

A second option is for the instructor to present the content in class, to the whole group, and then the students would take the exam.

The third option is for students to select the check box of his/her own choosing, bypassing both presentations of the IPC Essentials and the Policies & Procedures and just take the exam.

  • How does the rest work if a student failed?

The system is programmed so that if a student fails an exam, the instructor can open the module for that student after the appropriate wait time (CIS= 1 day, CIT=30 days). An additional class does not need to be created. The instructor can login to http://my.ipcedge.org and navigate to the class settings for the individual student. After the wait period, the instructor can open the appropriate module and the student can retest for that exam. If the student has already completed the E-P&P for the course in which the student is retesting, there will not be a requirement to take the E-P&P again for the individual course.

If the student takes a different certification (is enrolled in another certification course) the E-P&P will need to be completed for the new course.

  • Why is my birthday and home address a mandatory field in updating my profile?

The IPC Certification is a personal, portable credential. Your personal information (Date of Birth, Home address, Etc.) are required information for security of the personal data. If an individual changes companies, the individual will need to notify IPC of the change. Before we can make changes to any data in the individual's record we need to verify the security information (Personal data). As with any License, Certification, or other credential the security of your personal information is critical. 

You can view the privacy statement for all IPC at the following link: http://www.ipc.org/ContentPage.aspx?Pageid=Privacy-Policy

No, the students can do this part on their own time. Not the exam though (wording needs to be provided by ipc staff…lol)

Yes, taken after exams, but you cannot get your certificate until this is completed.

  • Is the IPC Essentials going to be available for online print?

Only for CIT. Yes, it will be available for online print, you will download a zip file. Unzip file and save to a folder, locate the application file, and then you can run the essentials on your desktop. It is available in your language.

 For the policies and procedures, it’s a download video.

  • If module 1 is failed, can they take the additional modules?

No, they must pass before they can move on. You can schedule the optional modules; the student just won’t have access to it.

  • Can you set up additional modules?

No, they must pass before they can move on. You can schedule the optional modules; the student just won’t have access to it. This is separate for the pre-course.

  • Student will only have access to the exam when the trainer schedules it, is there a time limit?

Yes, there is a time limit. 

  • How does the group name get selected?

Automatically by the database.

  • Is there a difference of workmanship grades verses online print grades?

There is no difference. You manually enter if they are Competent or non-Competent.

  • How can you change your email address?

Emails can only be changed by IPC staff. This request can be made through the  certification help desk.

Can a student review a passed or failed exam?

No, the exams may not be reviewed after the student submits the exam for grading. The exam for certification is a verification of the student’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in applying the standards content. The exam for certification is not intended as a learning experience. The exam questions and answer must be protected so that the exam integrity and security is maintained. IPC will be enacting further security features for the exams in the coming months.

  • Do you have a user guide?

Yes, click on the Help tab and you will see it in the drop down menu.

  • Am I required to do all modules? 

You do not have to, it’s just giving you the option to do so.

No, there are no practice tests for the EDGE 2.0 system. Please use the FAQ and other help resources including the help videos to learn the use of the EDGE 2.0 system. If you have reviewed the help materials and still have questions, please contact IPC through the Certification Help desk to ask questions or arrange for a live demonstration. A private, live demonstration may not always be possible, but IPC staff will do all we can to accommodate requests for live demonstrations.

  • Will the individual certificates be available for the instructor or company to download?  

No, the certificate is only downloadable by the individual who completed the certification exams. If the company or instructor desires a copy of the certificate, the request should be made to the individual who holds the certificate.

Instructors can access the records of his/her classes in the EDGE 2.0 Dashboard for a period of 2 years after the completion of a student’s certificate.

All class records will remain visible permanently through the certification portal enrollment website https://certification.ipcedge.org. Instructors may view and even download class records from the certification portal enrollment website.

  • Can you do current revision or previous revision for CIS? 

A CIS may be trained in any revision as required by the company or contract. Not all past revisions will be available when the system goes live on August 27th The IPC Team will continue uploading older revisions until all available revisions are activated for the CIS candidates.

  • Can you do current revision or previous revision for CIT? 

No, a CIT and MIT must certify and recertify to the latest revision available in the appropriate language.

  • Are we going to get updated training materials? 

Yes, we in the process of getting this off CD’s.

  • Do we have to take P&P for recertification? 


The passing grade for the E-P&P module for all certification candidates (CIT, CIS, and CID/CID+) is 80%.

The passing grades for a CIS content module is currently 70%.

The passing grade for a CIT content module is currently 80%

The passing grade for a CID or CID+ exam is 73%.

  • Price change? 

The combination of the new IPC Policy and Essentials modules and the online exam to all modules for a specific certification program will have a fee of $65/person. The IPC nonmember fee will be $85/person.

  • Can we view the Enhanced Policies & Procedures module as a group? 

Yes, the Enhanced Policies & Procedures (E-P&P) presentations can be viewed as a group. The E-P&P module is made up of the audio and video presentation of IPC Essentials and the audio and video presentation of IPC Policies and Procedures. The presentations can be viewed by the individual students before, during, or after the live presentation of the standards content. Regardless of how or when the students view the E-P&P presentations, each student must successfully pass the E-P&P exam before the student’s certificate can be generated by EDGE 2.0.

  • Are the instructions sent to the student? 

The student will receive an email about their class. It’s up to the instructor to ask the student to complete the prerequisites.

  • How many questions on the pre-courses? 

There will be 20 questions on the exam with an 80% pass mark.

  • I have a student who was not successful on Mod 1 JSTD-001.  They are not allowed to take Mod 2 in the system because they have not passed the prerequisite Mod 1.  This is not how the system was set up in the old version.  I could continue to have the person test, BUT the certificate was not issued until they successfully completed Mod 1.?  Once students successfully complete module 1, the additional modules can be taken in any order.

This is the way of the new system, without module 1, none of the other modules can be opened. Suggestion, have the student come in early to or have the rest of the class delay arriving to allow time for the student to retake 1 first thing in the morning. Then the student can go on with the rest of the modules (assuming passing module 1) with the class and make up any other additional modules as needed.

If you cut the time short for your students, their exams will be closed, and an attempt will be lost. Therefore, it is of the outermost importance to avoid cutting students in the middle of an exam.

1. You can review the date/time you set up by clicking on Schedule Exams. It’s safer to provide more time than what students need (use the gear icon to edit). But it’s Ok to edit and adjust the time you set up even when students started their attempts. Just make sure the date/time will not cut them off.

2. Students will see a timer 30 minutes before their exam gets closed. Otherwise the timer is not shown.

  • When a student is registered in a class, they have immediate access to complete the E-P&P course?

The E-P&P can and should be taken on the student’s own initiative, including the exam. This is the one exam that doesn’t need to be proctored by an instructor.

  • What if my student fails?

Any candidate who fails the initial attempt of any module will have the option of 1, free retest. A second failure of any module means that the student is done with that class and must be enrolled in a RETEST class.

  • Third party uses for my home address?

No, it is for personal information, so we can validate you. It’s not for marketing third party. Just for our internal use only.

  • Language available?

If you select a language, the instructions will be in English, however, the exams will be in the language you select and the content.

  • Will history in the old system be available in the new system?

The old legacy system will not be going away, if students have started in the old system, they will still be available. At some point next year, we will be shutting down the old system completely and the data will be migrated to the new system. So that is why we have two systems. Existing classes are in the old and the new classes are in the new system.

  • When I download the Essentials course, why are there so many files to choose from? Which one do I download out?

Look for the largest file and then download that file. It will look something like this, ipc-101_english_en…zip as an example.

  • Does the student have to update their profile?  

Yes, that will be required to gain your certification, along with the Mandatory and the prerequisites.

Times should not be set for any time the student will not be in the room with the instructor. opening and closing the module should be only for a limited time and for while the student is in the class room.

  • Does IPC provide a record of some sort documenting that the student has the certificate?  We have some requirements regarding training records per ISO.?

The student may print his/her certificate at any time. If the student does not want to to print the certificate, they are not required to do so.

  • Do we still sign off module 5 on the J-STD-001 when the student take module 1 thru 4?

If the student needs module 5, the grades for modules 1-4 will populate module 5 exam score automatically. The hands-on for module 5 will still need to be completed and entered by the instructor.

The system does not auto populate the hands-on. The hands-on must still be completed by the student, just as it is required now. IF the student completes modules 1-4 exams, the written exam grade will auto populate. The hands on must be completed for module 5 and entered by the instructor.

To trigger the module 5 calculation and get current information, the student needs to generate a fresh/updated certificate.

This is a general principle of operation in this new system: it’s student centric. Meaning, student actions trigger updates.

He or she must go to the course, module 1 and download the updated certificate. Note that downloading the certificate from the dashboard is not enough, it must be from the course.

Then all the info will propagate to the proper places.

  • How will the CIS extension work in the new system? Do we still need the CIS extension form?  

Yes, the form is still available. The process for CIS extensions is not changing. The CIT should make a note on the CIS’ certificate or by using the available form for company records. There is still no requirement to report CIS extensions to IPC.

Extensions still do not need to be submitted to IPC for CIS candidates.

The extension of a CIS is only for the company’s benefit and for the paperwork when a CIS doesn’t get recertified before the certificate expires.

The CIS and CIT candidates have 2 years of certification. During that 2 years it is up to the individual to be aware of the expiration and to make plans to become recertified sometime before the certificate expires.

The system does not care if the CIS has been granted an extension or not when considering the date of recertification that comes after the certificate expiration date. All the system looks at is the date of expiration. The program looks at the expiration date of the certificate, calculates whether the completion date is within the 90 days before or 6 months after the expiration date. If the recertificate takes place anywhere in that timeframe, the certification date is set at 2 years from the original expiration.

An extension being granted does not affect the new recertification date in any way.

There is no need to report CIS extensions to IPC.

  • Why do I have to login again from portal to EDGE?

Users will have the same credentials but will need to log in separately, or twice for the instructor.

Part of the reason is that we wanted to decouple this 2 systems; the one you use to schedule and manage class and the training site at https://my.ipcedge.org/

In many cases, after you schedule a class, you will be going straight to https://my.ipcedge.org/ and students too.

In the next few days you will also see that the https://certification.ipc.org/ page will offer you to go to the old, legacy system and to the new Edge 2.0.

  • Do I need to keep the class open in the portal? Should I change the end date if student didn’t complete exams yet?

The end date is no longer relevant to the opening and closing of the exams. The end date as entered by the instructor is informational only.  

  • “Is the concept of keeping a class "open" still associated with the class end date and CIT's need to adjust that class date as needed?”

No, the, “Open” and “Close” applies only to the individual module exams. When a student is enrolled in a class, all modules are available for that student to use until the expiration date of the certificate (as determined by the completion of the mandatory module).

  • If someone fails, in order for their free retest to available, we have to push out the end date of the class, correct?

No, The end date does not need to be modified. The end date is simply for IPC information, so we will know and can have a paper trail of when the training was intended to take place.

If a student fails a module, the 1, free retest remains available to that student. The instructor can’t open that module again for the student until after the wait period has passed. In the case of a CIT, the open book or closed book exam that was failed can’t be opened again until the 30 days has passed.

In the new system, no individual student’s record is dependent on any other student. If a situation as just described happens (one passes the other fails), the student who passed can print the certificate and move along. Nothing has to be submitted and no dates have to be amended.

For the student who did not pass one exam, after the 30 day wait has elapsed, the instructor can simply open the failed exam for the student to attempt the retest. If the student passes, then he printed his certificate and moves on. If he fails again, the system deactivates access to the exams and the student must be enrolled in a new class at full fee for any further exam attempts.

  • What are the new fees?

The fee for certifications, beginning with the release of EDGE 2.0


                - $65 online exam – 1 retest of an individual module included

                -$85 Printed exams (in limited situations) – 1 retest of an individual module included



                -$80 online exam - 1 retest of an individual module included

                -$100 printed exam (in limited situations) – 1 retest of an individual module included


-Additional retests require a new class registration and fee at the level of the initial test.

  • Will the Module 1 questions associated with Policy & Procedures be removed from these exams in the new system?

Yes, that’s part of my task as I’m filtering through the exams this week. I can’t promise that every question about the P&P will be removed from the mandatory content module from every exam, but I am working toward this goal.

  • The J-STD CIS Space will now be a separate course in the new system.  Does this mean it will now be treated exactly at the CIT Space cert is?  They will receive a separate certificate # for the J-STD CIS Space?

Yes, this is correct. The Moodle programming system handles access a little differently than the older system. For add-ons like the Space module for J-001 and 620, these will be a separate certificate.

2a. Because this will be a separate class, will they have to complete the Essentials and E-P&P requirements again even though they may do so the day after just completing it for the J-STD CIS Cert?

As these are add-on endorsements to the base, J-001 or 620 certificates, the will not need to do the E-P&P again for the endorsement. They will, however be a separate course fee.

  • Is the 6012 Space being handled the same way?

All space modules are being done the same way.

If there is no activity from the student, meaning no entry of answers, no clicks, no page changes… inactivity… for 30 minutes, Moodle assumes that the individual is no longer testing and closes the session. If a student is logged out because of inactivity, this counts as a failed attempt. The student must wait the 24 hours and make a second attempt at the exam.

The same time frame as above applies. If the system does not see activity for 30 minutes, it is counted as a failed attempt.

  • If we set up a class in English and then find once in class we have a student who would prefer to test in another language, do we have to remove them from that class and set them up in another class with that language selected?

Once they have started testing in a language, if they find it's not helpful and they'd prefer to finish in English, can this be done without having to pay another full exam fee?

One language can be selected for the student. If the student decides that he/she wants a different language, that’s a different class. If the student has not taken any exams, the student can be deleted from the class and enrolled in the other language. Once a student takes an exam, that class is locked to that student. A different language at that point means a new class and new class fee.

  • The E-P&P exam can be taken on-line un-proctored. When an Instructor must use on-line print, do they have to proctor the E-P&P printed exam??

If the online print is used, they instructor will need to proctor the printed exam just as he/she would all other printed exams. The papers must be collected and stored/accounted for to protect the integrity of the exams… as much as it can be protected and still allow printed exams.

  • Can we enroll students using their User ID’s? I don’t’ see that option.

IPC user IDs are supposed to be secure data used only internally by IPC. Emails are required for all students in all classes. The use of the student’s email is the preferred method of enrolling a student. The secondary method is searching by student name, but this will also result in a list of students with similar names and the individual with the correct email will be selected.

  • Is there a 30-day waiting period for a CIT who fails the E-P&P exam the first time?

Yes, wait times are all the same for all exams (CIS – 1 day, CIT – 30 days).

  • When I enrolled my students in the class, they only received a general email on how to set up password. Why?

The password email is a universal email that will go to every person that is enrolled in a class. The purpose of the email is to direct the student to set up his/her password in EDGE 2.0. Any further instructions a trainer or training center wish to communicate need to be sent to the student from the trainer/training center.

  • Can I change the information in my student profile through EDGE 2.0?

When completing the student profile in EDGE 2.0, everyone can enter the profile information, save the information and then can review and modify the information once. Any further changes to the submitted student profile requires contact with IPC.

  • How do we change the name on the certificate to use non-Latin-based characters?

It is not possible to use non-Latin-based (English) characters for the certificates. IPC Certificates use the internationally accepted business language (English) for the names on certificates. The student or instructor will need to work out the closet English equivalent letters for the names of the student.

  • My student did not successfully complete the Mandatory Content Module for the program. Can my student take the additional knowledge modules even though the Mandatory content module has not yet been passed?

A student who has not successfully completed the mandatory module exam will not be certified to the additional modules. Without passing the mandatory content module, the additional modules will not be unlocked.

  • I've already taken the IPC Essentials, do I have to take it again?  

No, If the individual is of the opinion that he/she knows enough about both subjects (or perhaps has recently taken another certification course and remembers the content from that viewing) then the exam can be taken without viewing either presentation.

In short, the E-P&P is intended to be an independent study by the certification candidates before the live class presentation.

A second option is for the instructor to present the content in class, to the whole group, and then the students would take the exam.

The third option is for students to select the check box of his/her own choosing, bypassing both presentations of the IPC Essentials and the Policies & Procedures and just take the exam.

  • Grades are showing, Certificates are not showing up?  

Students must populate certificate first, then certificate number will show up.

Steps how to get certificate is on page 36 here: https://img.ipcedge.org/Edge%202.0%20User%20Guide%20-%20v1.pdf

For Certificates to be generated, 3 things must be complete.

1- The content modules must be complete. 
2- The Enhanced P&P exam must be complete. 
3- The student's profile just be complete.
If all of these are complete, the system will generate the certificate.
The student will then be able to download the certificate and the class will show as complete.

  • How do I complete a class? How to schedule exams?  

Please review the user’s guide, webinar recorded video, and the help resources.

Webinar: https://img.ipcedge.org/EDGE_2.0_Webinar2.mp4

User guide: https://img.ipcedge.org/Edge%202.0%20User%20Guide%20-%20v1.pdf

How to schedule the exams in EDGE 2.0 after entering your class in the new portal, described on page 3 here: https://img.ipcedge.org/Edge%202.0%20User%20Guide%20-%20v1.pdf

After you have used the help resources, if you still have questions, please submit a new help request with specific questions.

  • Need link to Webinar.

Please try this link: https://img.ipcedge.org/EDGE_2.0_Webinar2.mp4

  • Validation issues, my certificates are not showing up in EDGE 2.0, why?  

Only Certificates earned in EDGE 2.0 will show in the certification section of EDGE 2.0.

All data is not migrated yet.
If you earned your certificate in EDGE 2.0 portal, then validate it in EDGE 2.0 here: https://my.ipcedge.org/ scroll down box is in down right corner.

If you earned your certificate in legacy certification portal, then validate it in legacy certification portal here: https://certification.ipcedge.org/Home/Validation.

All people may log in to certification portal https://certification.ipcedge.org/ and click on My Certification Summary to see all certificates and certificate numbers.

  • I need a copy of my student’s certificates, where?   

Certificates belong to the student. We are not allowed to share this information as certificate is private and belongs to individual. You will need to obtain a copy from the student. The certificate is a legal document that is traceable through the individual who achieved the certificate.

If you do not get the 100% while completing the Essentials training, here is what you must do:

Students have a checkbox to agree that they went through both the Essentials and P&P presentation. See picture. Just by clicking the checkbox the P&P exam will be unlocked for them.

  • Password issues?   

If they do not know their password, they can go to https://my.ipcedge.org, click on Recover my password and get a link on their email.

  • Has the E-P&P for CIS been removed? 

Yes, please read the CQI news article from 11/20/2018.

As discussed in the training committee meetings and the Hot Topic webinar in October, IPC implemented some temporary measures to address operators enrolled in the CIS program. The CIS program was originally designed for inspectors, supervisors, technicians, and engineers, yet a significant portion of CIS candidates are operators. The Essentials program was not built for the operators. Therefore, IPC is temporarily providing instructors with the ability to bypass the Essentials training, or to decide which sections of the training to review with their students. We believe by granting the instructor the ability to control which content is taught, we can create a better education experience for the student.  

SUGGESTION: In order to provide a better educational experience for these students, instructors will temporarily be able to bypass the Essentials training and decide which sections of the training to review with their students.

As part of these efforts, EP&P exam has been removed from all CIS courses, and the policy and procedures questions that were previously in the EP&P exam, have been moved back into Module 1.  

To provide instructors with more flexibility in their classes, we are also temporarily removing the restrictions on testing optional modules until module 1 is completed successfully. Certifications are still dependent on Module 1 being successfully completed.  

  • How do I submit my class in the new portal?

You don’t have to submit classes in the new portal. Just leave classes as these are in the list.

The reason you don’t submit classes anymore is because everything is managed in one system and trainers can open and close tests there is no need to play with the dates in class or submit class to lock dates. It’s already built into the system now. It is just different architecture and system is built on different way.  

  • My Student downloaded their certificate, but my portal class isn't showing the certificate number. Why?

Trainer has to click on the Get Scores button in class after certificate has been downloaded. Get Scores button will populate grades and certificate numbers in class. After that all information will be synced to database. There is a 24 hour delay before you will see generated certificate number in summary. The User reports on testing site will show information in real time.